Palmetto Drone Photography

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Professional Wedding, Portrait and Head-shot Photography.

Photography is both an art and science, beyond the skills necessary with the camera, and a long list of photographic equipment as well is an understanding of how to use light both broad and sublime, great photographers need an artistic eye and the ability to be creative under pressure. As one of the professional Photographers in South Carolina. Richard David has developed these visual senses and skills. Shooting in a style more like a fashion photographer than a portrait photographer, he “sketches” with the camera, capturing the subtle nuances of feelings and emotions present in every person or event he photographs. Artistic and talented but flexible and relaxed, shooting in a broad range of styles, Richard has photographed weddings and events 2004.

What We Do with drones!

We provide an aerial media service to

South Carolina. From real estate,

both residential and commercial, to indoor

and outdoor events, we can provide high

quality media for every need.